Thursday, September 17, 2009

I QUIT!!!!

What a crappy day.....I am just having a bad one! Just want to quit both my jobs and stay at home and be a hermit!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is a sad day. I just got a phone call from my best friend, Jenell. She told me that they have given her mom only a few weeks left to live. Noli,(her mom) has suffered from breast cancer for about 4 1/2 years. Her body is so tired and it's time to go home.

It's easy to say that but it's quite another to live on the other side of that sentiment. I am watching Jenell at one of her lowest points and I don't know what to say or do. I end up saying stupid things that don't mean anything. I just don't know what else to's a helpless feeling.

I'm tired of watching people I love suffer from this disease. Noli isn't the only one who is suffering from cancer in my life. My cousin's husband Robert has been given his own diagnosis of brain cancer and he too has only a few weeks left. His wife (my cousin) died about 5 years ago from a rare form of cervical cancer. When/if he passes, he will leave behind two boys (11 and 8)parentless. This breaks my a mom it's almost unbearable to hear that.

Please keep both of these people in your prayers. Not only them, but their families as well.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who knew??

Blah - I hate mornings! The only time I enjoy waking up early is if it is raining. But, I h;ave been trying to get some weight off and so exercise must come early in the morning. Just don't have time to do it any other time!

There is a new post going around on Facebook called "I've come to realize..." It's very interesting to read what people are writing there, so I thought I'd try it here.

I"ve come to realize that this year has been incredibly hard, but has also brought me into a closer relationship with God.

I've come to realize that my mom is an amazing woman and has incredible faith in God and in others.

I've come to realize that my dad is always going to be my daddy and I am so appreciative of all his love and support.

I've come to realize that my husband is one of the most amazing people I know and it is so great to see him finally be able to live out his dream of owning/running his own business.

I've come to realize that my sibling has hurt me beyond anything I could've ever dreamed, but I also have come to realize that only he is responsible for his life and his actions and I can no longer place the blame on anyone else. He has chosen his path, and while I may not agree, it is HIS choice.

I've come to realize that friends are more important to me than I thought.

I've come to realize that my kids are so cool and I cannot wait to see them grow up and become the amazing people that God is making them into.

I've also come to realize that J and I have had a huge influence on our children and that God is constantly working on us so that we can work with them.

I've come to realize that the reason why I dislike going to church so much has a lot to do with my own attitude rather than anyone or anything else.

I've come to realize that I am happy with my life and I need to live in that instead of always looking to the "what ifs" of life.

So, anyway - an interesting exercise for the day. Hope you all have a good one! Maybe try this one on your own and see what you realize!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009 I go again....

I don't think anyone reads this blog anymore, but I'm doing this more for myself than for anyone else. I am feeling the need to blog again - to purge my soul, so to speak. I have always enjoyed writing, but have not had the time in the last couple of years to do so. So, I'm going to try again and see what happens!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

house pics...

OK...OK...better late than they are!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

it's been awhile....

Hey there! I don't even know if anyone will read this, it's been so long since I posted....sorry!
Anywhoo...just wanted everyone to know that I taught my first dance class in two years last night! YEA! I had six ladies/girls show up and I'm just thrilled. I think I'm a little rusty at the whole leading thing, but I had a really good time last night and am encouraged by the people who showed up!
It's a six week class for now. I'm hoping that if these six show interest, then maybe we can form a dance team and have consistent practices...we'll see. I have several more that are interested that weren't able to be there, so who knows? I'm doing a short Bible study along with the dance stuff.
Also, I joined Weight Watchers again about three weeks far so good. I've lost 7 pounds and I'm feeling great! I have about 11 - 15 more to go...10 til I hit my lifetime goal again. My mom has been going with me and that's been fun. I am so thankful that I have her around...she is just the best! I have to say it was worth waiting three years and having to live in the hottest place on earth!
Anyway, I hope all is well in your worlds. Summer has just been crazy and I find myself thinking about you all around midnight when it's too late to call...sigh...I'm hoping that once school starts (3 weeks! HOORAY!) that I'll be able to be in touch more. Wil is going to do preschool three days a week for three hours a day and I have to say that I am looking forward to some time to myself... I'll probably spend it all working, but at least it's MY time!
So, if you read this, send me a line and let me know how you're doing! I miss you all and I'll try to keep this a little more updated!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter from the Johnson's!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter Sunday. We had a great time of FINALLY getting to relax. More thoughts and pics to come...but I have to take Wil to preschool!